Adorable, Poofy, and ready to roll! Play as an adorable cast of baby chickens as they try to find their Mother Hen. Through physics puzzles, platforming challenges, and wild new environments, nothing will stop you!
Chicken Nuggets is a game where you roll adorable chickens around to solve puzzles in a 3D platformer!

Past Projects & Contributions

Double M Digital has been involved in a bunch of projects since 2016, here are some of our favourites. We've had the honour of creating licensed art for the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying game, creating the equivalent of a short film in animated cuteness for Terrarium, and hand crafting the beautifully designed FuryStar starfighter.

Our Games





We've shot hours of game cinematics, choreography, and animations for cutscenes! From Unity and Ubisoft Challenges to Indi games like Stitch Media's Terrorarium, we create beautiful and engaging content.

Digital Worlds

From immersive VR experiences, interactive games and beautiful architectural and product renders, Double M Digital has the skill and attention to detail to deliver spectacular results.

Web Design

Double M digital's roots are in online marketing, specifically web design. The goal was to give small businesses AAA sites to compete in the modern market. Double M Digital is still providing web design services to our original customers to this day!

Graphic Design

Graphic design and composition is the basis for all good marketing, at Double M Digital we have a history of providing strong, eye-catching designs.

Our Services